The Privacy Risk Surfaces Made Simple (PRiSMS) project as part of DARPA’s Brandeis program developed technologies and designed user interfaces (UIs) to support the understanding of data sharing risks, privacy policy creation, and the automatic execution of policy.

Overview Slides

Brandeis Semantic Policy Management

Demo Videos

The Brandeis User Interface

Application of PRiSMS technologies during a pandemic outbreak

Live Demo System

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  • Karsten Martiny and Grit Denker:
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  • Mark St. John, Ron Moore, April Martin, Woodrow Gustafson, Manuela Jaramillo, Grit Denker, Karsten Martiny, and Linda Briesemeister:
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  • Linda Briesemeister, Woodrow Gustafson, Grit Denker, April Martin, Karsten Martiny, Ron Moore, Dusko Pavlovic, and Mark St John:
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  • Karsten Martiny and Grit Denker:
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